2019 Annual Budget Drive

March is our Annual Budget Drive, and our theme this year is “Woven Together”. Please use the fabric strips in the basket to add to the tapestry in our foyer! There are three important changes this year to our Annual Budget Drive this year.

The first is that for the first time in several years our budget drive conversations will be happening through one-on-one conversations. If you’re a member or previous pledger, you will be contacted by a member of our Visting Stewards team to schedule a conversation about giving at JRUUC.

The second change is that this year we’ll be asking members to authorize their pledges as a “sustaining” pledge. This means that your monthly pledge will continue beyond just this current fiscal year, until such time as you direct your pledge to change. This will mean that future budget drives will look a little different because we’ll be able to change our focus away from collecting pledge sheets.

Finally, we have a new way of giving to JRUUC this year. You can now give online by going to https://jruuc.org/support-jruuc. You can pay with either a credit/debit card or with a PayPal account. This new method does involve transaction fees, so we welcome people to extend their generosity to cover these fees. You’re also welcome to continue having your funds electronically deducted from your bank the way you’ve always done it.