Beware: Minister-impersonation scam

A scam is making the rounds again – it’s an e-mail pretending to be from Rev. Karen or another minister asking for help. Often the first e-mail will simply ask to respond. After responding you’ll receive an urgent request to purchase gift-cards. Rev. Karen will never reach out to you asking for a donation of gift-cards, nor will any other representative of JRUUC. In fact you should be instantly suspicious of any e-mail which asks you to purchase a gift card or send money in any way. The more urgent the request, the more likely it is to be a scam. Please read and share this article for more information about this scam.

Finally, if you have responded to this e-mail, or even been scammed by it, please follow these instructions and above all be gentle and forgiving with yourself. After all, there are other scams that prey on our greed or vanity – better to have fallen for the one that preys on our generosity and commitment to community!