Join Us in Singing the Chalice Lighting Response!

From our music director Heather Yonker:

Interested in recording the chalice lighting response to mix into our group tracks? I would love to hear the presence of the entire congregation!  

How to Record the Chalice Lighting Response You will need: 

  • a device that can take a video of you, usually a smartphone, but might be a computer camera
  • another device that can play the master youtube video or audio file using headphones or earbuds (you can find this file on the Choir Google Drive or email and I will send it to you)
  • a way to hold up your phone steadily to record  (There are some tricks to help with this! There is a trick with a rubber band, pencil, a computer monitor/laptop, and your phone) 
  • a quiet room, no fans or motors
  • you!

Before you record:

  • Listen to the Chalice Response piano accompaniment. It will play one time through just piano, and then you enter the second time through and sing through it once.
  • practice with the youtube video or recording until you are comfortable and not needing to look at the music much if at all but have the music visible in front of you if you need it.
  • consider your recording set-up and review the basic procedure (i.e., these instructions)

For the recording:

  • select a place where your devices can be placed on a solid, still surface.
  • make sure that the light in the room is facing you (not behind you), whether from a window or other light sources.  More is better!  
  • dress in a way that contrasts with whatever will be behind you, so we can see you.
  • do a few practice runs to get comfortable, and don’t expect to nail it in one go. 

To Record:

  1. Press PLAY on your learning/listening track device
  2. Press RECORD on your video device  
  3. If you can plug in your headphones while the video is playing without causing the video to stagger, put them on your head/ears unplugged until after the clap in the video.
  4. If you cannot get a seamless plug-in (bluetooth headsets, etc), hold up an ear of the headphones to your phone’s microphone until after the clap
  5. Plug in or put on your headphones 
  6. Sing!
  7. PAUSE AND BE STILL for a count of 3 after you’re done, THEN press STOP.

To Submit:

  • Save your file in the name format of Song Title or part if this is a multi-harmony arrangement_Name – ex. Melody_Everett.mp4 or Or  Basically any file format your phone will make will be fine (.mp4 and .mov are the most common). 
  • Upload to the google Choir drive folder and the appropriate song folder within it.
  • Or try emailing it to Heather Yonker
  • (file size may be large, it may have to be cloud)