Close the Concentration Camps: Teach in

Families for Justice is hosting a Teach-in at James Reeb UU congregation on July 17th at 6pm. This will be an all-ages appropriate discussion of the U.S. treatment of asylum seekers. From their event description:

The Human Rights abuses happening at the US border are beyond horrific and unconscionable. It can be overwhelming for adults to comprehend, let alone for children! However, it is necessary for us all to bear witness and act in the name of justice. It can feel more possible if we do it in community.
Please attend this teach in for kids and their grown ups.
We will have age appropriate dialogue with our children about the concentration camps, why they are there and what we can do to help defend the rights and humanity of immigrants and asylum seekers. As a part of this teach-in, we’ll also brainstorm family-friendly fundraising efforts.

Families for Justice – Dane County