Frequently Asked Questions

Will JRUUC members be able to see each other soon?

Yes! Especially with the warmer weather approaching, we fully expect there will be many opportunities in the months ahead for safe, socially distanced, outdoor gatherings of various sizes for those members and friends who feel comfortable coming together in this way.

Why don’t we worship outside all summer?

Outdoor worship, though lovely on a mildly warm day, brings with it many challenges. Finding a large enough space outdoors that is accessible for all, near restrooms, available on a consistent basis, and viable during hot, humid weather is not considered feasible. It would also be difficult to provide an adequate sound system outdoors or to livestream the services for those unable to attend.

Even though our JRUUC approach is driven by metrics, not dates, what’s your best guess for when we will start in-person worship again?

While we would love to provide such a date, the unpredictability of the pandemic makes it impossible to do so with any confidence. We share your frustration in not being able to have more certainty in our lives, and we pledge to move through these levels of concern as quickly as community conditions, our JRUUC values, and the science allow us to. The faster community conditions improve, the sooner we’ll be able to return to in-person worship. We all play a role in this, so please continue to adhere to all health and safety protocols, including wearing face coverings in public, social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings.

When will Rev. Karen be vaccinated and able to make in-person visits again?

Rev. Karen has been vaccinated and is now able to make in-person visits. She’ll follow your lead on how to meet if you’re fully vaccinated; if you’re not vaccinated, she’s willing to meet with you outdoors without masks or indoors with masks.

What about our staff? Have they been vaccinated yet?

Our staff members are in various stages of vaccination, and have been given full discretion to wait until they are comfortable with returning to in-person work.