COVID Update 5-19-21

Reeb and Covid-19 Get ready for June! If infections continue to fall, the JRUUC building will re-open in June for small gatherings under the Level 2 guidelines in our COVID-19 Strategic Plan. Outdoor events can be larger and will no longer require advance registration. For now we remain at Level 4, entirely virtual or outdoors, but it is not too soon to start planning – with fingers crossed.

A Note from Rev. Karen about Worship at Levels 3 and 2 

Friends, it looks like we might be drawing close to the time that we can begin to stream worship from the sanctuary! At Level 3, we can have up to 4 worship leaders in the sanctuary to stream our service from there. And at Level 2, which we might reach in just two weeks, we can include a few participants in the sanctuary too! Before you get too excited – I want to make sure to clearly say that, until the time most of us are able to be in the sanctuary together on Sunday mornings, the worship experience will be focused on our virtual participants, just like the MMSD classrooms are now. That means that the folx in the sanctuary for worship will watch what others are seeing at home, projected on the wall – but they will get to see and hear the worship leaders and instrumental music in person, as well as see each other. I’ve been thinking about how to decide who those participants will be, and have come to realize that we should prioritize the folx who haven’t been able to access worship this past year. So I will begin by inviting the people I haven’t seen during virtual worship the first option for the first service for which we have participants in the sanctuary, plus send out a survey about how you’ve been served during virtual operations to all Reebers to help me determine the next steps. It’s important to me (and consistent with our mission, I think) to begin with the most underserved folx, and I appreciate your understanding. Please reach out to me with your questions or concerns about this.

Help Wanted! As we move toward Level 2 of our Strategic Plan, we’d love to have someone who is comfortable being in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings to run the video stream – it’s easy and we can train you! Please contact Rachel Avery if you think you might be interested.

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