COVID Update – Level 2 6/9/21

From the COVID Task Force: Wasn’t it wonderful seeing Flower Communion in the sanctuary Sunday? JRUUC is now at Level 2 (link includes pending revisions) of our Covid-19 Strategic Plan (link to version adopted in April). What has changed? Outdoors, up to 25 people may gather and up to 10 may sing together before breaking into smaller groups; see Level 2 guidelines for specifics. Indoors, the Worship Team, Building Stewardship Committee, and others are hard at work getting our space and systems ready for small gatherings in the sanctuary (capacity 18 people), multipurpose room (capacity 7), or front classroom (capacity 2). Stay tuned!

A Note from Rev. Karen about Worship at Level 2 of Our Strategic Plan:

We’re in Level 2, which means that there can be worship participants in the sanctuary when the service is streamed from there!  It will take a few weeks for the Worship Team to get fully comfortable with the processes we’re creating to stream well, and for the building to be ready to have people in it.  I hope to be ready to invite people to start witnessing services later this month, and would like to prioritize the people who have been underserved during our time of virtual operations for that.  If that’s you, please let me know!

I mentioned last week that the Worship Team is looking for folx to run the camera and sound on the Sundays we lead worship from the sanctuary.  These jobs are way easier than they sound, and we’ll train you until you’re comfortable with them.  Please let Rachel Avery know if you’re interested!