COVID19 updates from Board President, Bev Buhr

Hi folks,

Another couple of busy days with more sobering news, more cancellations and disappointments.  We will be decreasing the number of folks who can gather at our building to 10 in order to be consistent with the current ban on meeting size.  

I am holding up okay, though, it has been challenging to respond to this rapidly changing environment. I am always trying to include others in my decision making, though that is not always possible.  I ask that we try and find gentleness and patience with each other during these times. I have been reaching out to many of you and I appreciate all the support I am receiving. There are so many to thank!  

I hope most of you were able to view the collaborative worship last Sunday.  If you are having any difficulties with online worship please reach out to Mandy our Religious Educator who is willing to try and assist you.  Her email is Our plan is to do collaborative worship with our UU friends in town, and then start doing our worship online on April 5th with an application called zoom meeting.  This is a relatively inexpensive solution that will allow video, phone in and access to those who are not on FaceBook. Everyone participating in the service can do so at home.   

I encourage you all to check out the zoom meeting online format at  There is a free version you can download and start meeting with your covenant group, family and friends. This is an area where I need some help.  If you are familiar with zoom meeting and would be willing to do some practice sessions with others, please set up some meetings and let Ansley know so we can get the word out. I am concerned that, like myself, other folks may need a little practice before we start using it for worship.   I am looking forward to seeing and hearing from each other online soon! 

Stay well and stay connected,