Election Love And Community

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Here’s a snippet of the loving message offered by Rev. Karen:

Oh Holy Spirit of Life and Love, that arises within and between us:
We are grateful for all the blessings in our lives
-The earth and her moon and their seasons,
ever moving and changing in an unending rhythm;
Our bodies and our minds, and whatever measure of health they hold;
Companions on the journey and the communities we form;
The events and interactions in our days
that remind us that we are never really alone
and that we are held in love and beauty.
And, despite all these blessings and more,
We are afraid. We are tired. We are ungrounded.
So much is happening that separates us from each other
and from the presence of love in our world.
May we remember love and faithfulness and courage.
May we remember that we have agency,
and that we have power,
and that it is possible to move that love and faithfulness and courage
out into the world.
May we respond to the challenges of the coming days
with presence and intention and compassion.
May we care for each other,
remember and share our resources,
help each other find safety,
and keep working to build a world where all people thrive.
May it be so. May we be so.