Minister’s Musings – Trust (3/23/22)

Dear Friends,

There’s something very timely about this month’s theme of renewing faith.  As someone who is impacted by seasonal affective disorder, I have to work through each winter to remember that the cold dreariness that has seeped into my bones and my psyche by the end of February will ease.  This is one of the kinds of faith I reflected on during the first Sunday of this month – trust that the sun will rise again and that the cold dark season will end.  The theme also coincides with our beginning to gather again in person after a long dark pandemic “season.”  With that comes so many opportunities to renew our faith in ourselves and in our congregation!  We get to decide how we’re going to be together, and how we’re going to serve our beloved community.  There’s a list of ways you can help in our weekly email, and I hope you’ll be generous with your time and talent in ways that help us rebuild and nourish your spirit.  And I also hope that you’ll be as generous as you can with your treasure, as we continue to work toward decreasing this year’s budget deficit – and face a deficit again this coming fiscal year.  Please keep an eye out for an email and a letter from Board President isaac gadient and me about that, coming soon.

Just like the trust I have that the cold dark season will end, I have trust that our small but mighty congregation will continue to grow and thrive as we move into our “new normal.”  I have faith in you, and in our shared ministry.

In faith and love,