Minister’s Musings – Sharing Beauty (5/18/22)

Dear Friends,

I participated in the installation service for the Revs. Kelly Crocker and Kelly Asprooth-Jackson last Sunday afternoon. FUS has changed the structure of their professional ministry to one of co-ministry (from a model of “lead minister” and “minister of congregational life,” and “Team Kelly,” as they call themselves, were installed together with that model intentionally named and described. Several ministry teams from area congregations offered their wisdom to the Revs. Kelly and the congregation, and it was inspiring to hear partners in ministry (including one set of life partners who serve different ministries) lift up the blessings, and the challenges, of working together. 

Many of my colleagues also reminded the congregation of the importance of shared ministry – the understanding that all are responsible for the work of the congregation, and accountable to each other for how that work is done. Here at JRUUC, the Board and I have been working to embody that understanding during the course of my time with you, as we’ve moved into a defined model of governance and ministry, and are asking all our ministry teams to create charges that outline their purpose and their structure of guidance, authority, and accountability. 

I’m grateful to all of you who attended our annual meeting on Sunday, which is one way our ministry is shared. And I’m grateful to all of you who are participating in various ways in the leadership and service of this congregation – you are what makes a shared ministry, with ideas and work flowing in all directions, possible. I’m also grateful to those of you who are taking a break from leadership to take care of yourselves – and to those of you who will step into more active roles as we continue to move into our “new normal.”

In faith and love,