Minister’s Musings: Intention & Community – Jan 5 2022

Dear Friends,

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is moving through our communities, and I’m finding once again, like every other time there has been a spike in the number of new cases in our county, that there’s so much to decide every day that impacts my well-being and that of my human siblings. And so much that goes into every decision. What a great time for us to be reflecting on the theme of living with intention! 

You’ll hear more in upcoming weeks about Covenantal Consent – the idea and language that the COVID-19 Task Force is adopting from the UUA about agreeing to ask one another what is comfortable and safe, and to respect what the others might need even if you don’t have the same needs. This is an expression of our collective intention to be inclusive and caring in our interactions with each other and our community. And in this time when we have such a wide range of responses to the continued presence and spread of this virus among us, and what we should do about it, it’s so very important to remember that intention. Thank you for doing so!

In faith and love,

Karen 1/5/22