Minister’s Musings

Dear Friends,
I’ve been thinking a lot about how different people have responded to the use of the word “faith” during last year’s process of rewriting our mission statement. Over the summer, I asked for your reflections on the word, and we’ll be including the reflections I received on our website soon. It feels important to keep the conversation going, so I’ve decided to be explicit about including the word and the idea of faith in worship. One Sunday every month, through December, I’m going to weave my reflections on faith into the monthly theme. This month’s theme is expectation, which led me to thinking about the expectations we place on ourselves and each other. So, this week I’m musing about the theological foundation of the last words I utter at every worship service “we have enough and we are enough.” What do I mean when we say that, and how is it a faith statement? I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

In faith and love,
Rev. Karen