Reeb and COVID-19

Click here for August 2020 Guidelines for Outdoor Gatherings – Some congregational gatherings are permitted outdoors when these guidelines are followed. Indoor group meetings and rentals are not taking place until conditions allow.

Click here to be taken to this week’s online service link. The link is live at 9:30 on Sunday. Our services will be held online until further notice.

From March 2020:

Dear friends,

This is a special communication in an effort to keep you all informed about how we are going to minister to each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. First and foremost I want to say how clearly our 7th principle (“Respect for the interdependent web of all existence”) is resonating in this moment. We are so connected in our beloved community in ways that go beyond our physical connections, that I know we will weather this crisis by deepening our connections. We are all in this together. We will help each other cope with our fears, disappointments and illnesses. I especially want to know who in our community is not “on-line” so we can be reaching out to them by phone. Please send me an email directly to with that information.

In consultation with Reverend Karen and we have decided it’s best to suspend in-person worship at Reeb.

Going forward, we will be doing online worship only, until it is safe to gather in person again. Mandy, our DRE, is working on ways that religious education can also happen online, and will send out communications to our RE families as that develops.

Please contact Megan Flowers ( if you find yourself sick, or in need of supplies or support. We will continually monitor our needs and resources so that we’re able to care for each other. We have already received generous donations of tissues, and rubbing alcohol to make hand sanitizer. Other things we may need to take to our members who are quarantined are soap, toilet paper, and food. We’re also thinking about how we might be of service to the larger community during this time. 

I appreciate how quickly people are responding to my questions and requests, and offering to help. As I learn more about what’s needed, I’ll be making more specific asks. I’ll be sending out informational emails on Wednesdays and Fridays, with additional shorter emails if there are more time-sensitive issues. I’m in regular communication with both Rev. Karen and Kelly Crocker at FUS, and they are helping me feel supported and informed. Karen and I want each and every one of you to also feel supported and informed. This is why our community exists.

– Bev (President – Board of Trustees)

Office Administrator Availability

Ansley will be working primarily from home going forward. She can still be reached by email and will be most reachable Wednesdays and Fridays from 1-4pm.

She will also be checking the voicemail and returning calls on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Words of Wisdom from the Rev. Sunshine Wolfe

In this challenging time, I encourage you to stay away AND stay connected.

  1. Stay away from the germ AND stay connected to yourself – Wash your hands with care – in body and spirit. When washing your hands recite a poem, dance a dance, doing a breathing meditation, or putting all of your focus on how your skin and hands feel as you wash them. Make this a time when you ground yourself and find connection in yourself.
  2. Stay away from people AND stay connected in creative and fun ways. At this time, cancelling events and gatherings helps reduce the chance of spread. That does not mean we cannot connect. Social distancing protects all of us- especially those high at risk. We also need one another. Call a friend, play Words with Friends, chat with someone online, chat with a neighbor from one an-others’ doors or porches. Have your friends set a time when you will all go out and howl at the moon. Find creative ways to connect while keeping social distance- make a game of it. Get the holiday lights out and make different affirming messages each day with them. Tell jokes. Sing songs. According to your own ability, find the creative connection unique to you. Distance and connect! Distance AND. Connect!
  3. Stay away from information overwhelm AND stay connected to a few reliable resources. In this day and age – there are tons of places to get information. News outlets make money on crisis and it is not in their best interest to limit that information. Pick two or three places that you will routinely check for information that have reliable and factual information on the virus. For example, you could choose the World Health Organization, your friend Cam who reads everything and distills on their FB page, and your local health department. You do NOT need all of the information (unless you do – some among us manage crisis by having all of the information, that is OK). If you are feeling overwhelmed by the information- you can choose your sources. It is better to pick what is manageable than it is to ignore this all completely.
This is a time of challenge and together we can help make it manageable for ourselves and our world.

Stay away AND connect. Stay away from what is potentially harmful and embrace creatively how we can connect in spite of it all. You are not alone (but if you are, reach out).