Reeb Rave – Today! 11/13/21

Live Zoom event 11/13/2021 6:00 – 8:30 (active at 5:30) 

If joining by phone dial 929 205-6099, Meeting ID: 965 5847 2546

The fun has begun – you can already start bidding! The party begins at 6:00pm Saturday November 13th. The zoom link will be live starting at 5:30. We will have time for socializing, some “zoom live” entertainment, and time for questions and answers or “show and tell” about auction items.

Feel free to come and go as you need to, but plan to pop back in between 7:30 and 8:00 to get your final bids in. You can set a “proxy maximum bid” if you wish that will automatically top other people’s bid up to a certain dollar limit, but you never know who “hot” an item is going to become!

The auction will end at 8:00, with extra time for any items that are having a bidding competition near the end.

Quick Links

  • 2021 Catalog – Updated with new items until 11/9
  • Registration for auction site – We encourage you to add payment details now to make processing easier for us all.
  • Make a $ Donation
  • Share your talents – Email Tom McClintock (see directory or weekly email) to ask to share during the live event, and also to share a photo of your donation