Auction Bidding Starts Sunday Nov 7th

Auction bidding starts Nov 7th and ends Saturday, Nov 13th, at 8pm! Join us for live Zoom socializing and entertainment on Nov 13th 6-8:30pm!  Zoom link is in your most recent email and will be live on the website the night of the event.

Deadline for donations is extended until Tuesday Nov. 9th – get your offerings listed ASAP. You can donate items now using this online donation form.  

Please review the auction catalog to confirm your donations are there.  You can view the auction catalog without registering here: 2021 auction website

To bid on items please register online on the auction website.  We encourage you to register your credit card for easy and secure payments Payments by checks or cash are more difficult to process  

We still need volunteers to provide entertainment (Singers, musicians, story-tellers, poets, jokesters, or show us some craft, or hobby you have been doing during Covid, or answer questions about your donation item) during the Zoom Social 6-8pm- please step up and share.    

Donations can include all kinds of things like household and sports items, tools, art, dinner parties, vacation stays in cabins, help with yard work or snow removal, outdoor excursions, pet-sitting etc. Check out last year’s catalog for ideas. Help with delivering items to winning bidders can be provided by volunteers if necessary.      

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Tom McClintock. Email address is in your most recent email form

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