Guidelines for “Sharing the Plate” Initiative

  • Any member or friend of JRUUC, hereafter identified as a Reeber, may nominate an organization or project.
  • We invite Reebers, of all ages, committees, and groups at JRUUC to participate.
  • All nominations must use a “Sharing the Plate” Nomination Form and fill out the form completely or attach to the nomination form a document including all requested information, including the organization’s contact person and mailing address. Please use one form per organization.
  • This is generally for non-profit organizations, but can include profit organizations or an unincorporated organizations or a project/s, if meets “Sharing the Plate” Nomination guidelines. (This is an attempt to honor grass roots movements.)
  • Your nomination is good for the whole year of the “Sharing the Plate” initiative.

Priority will be given to, but not limited to, organizations/projects that:

  • honor the JRUUC mission and support UU principles/purposes.
  • support our current focus, seasonal or annual theme or a particular worship service at JRUUC and where appropriate, can supply speakers or present programs during a service or at other times.
  • are local, sustainable and have active participation on some level by one or more Reebers. However, national or global organizations are not excluded.
  • represent a diversity of issues, interests and community needs.