Vote for Reeb Rave Theme & Submit Donations

The Reeb Rave is on again for this year!  This is one of our biggest annual events – a fundraiser auction where we share dinner, entertainment, treasures and services.  Save the date for November 12. 

Vote for This Year’s Theme

You still have time to help us select a theme for Reeb Rave! Sunday October 10th is the deadline. Click here to vote for this year’s theme. These are the themes up for voting:

  • Garden of Delights– dress up as animals, flowers or anything delightful, because we need some delight after the pandemic.
  • Who is your Hero? – celebrate someone you see as your hero in costume. Entertainment could include music about heroic characters.
  • Love Resists and Persists– celebrate our social justice heroes with costumes, songs, symbols\icons. Decorations could include displaying T-shirts and posters of protests and movements.
  • Masquerade– come in costume with a mask. We could have materials to make your mask fancy!
  • We’re Back! – let’s celebrate getting back together. We could wear our Reeb T-shirts and write on the back “We’re back 2022”. Theme song could be Beatles “Get back to where you once belonged”.
  • Folk Tales\Fairy Tales– dress up as folk and fairy tale characters from any culture; the entertainment could include skits, stories, and songs

What Unique Things do You Have to Offer?

We encourage you to offer items and experiences that help us build connection and community – gatherings, excursions, homemade food and goods, artwork, services, lending, lessons etc. Every year we learn a little more about each other through these exchanges and build more Beloved Community. Other donations are also very welcome! If you aren’t using it anymore, it might become a treasure for someone else. That’s another form of connection too. Feel free to include a little background on items you offer.

Click here to submit donation descriptions or learn more.

Previously Offered Experiences and Items

Dinner Parties or Dinner Delivered

  • Soup and Salad Supper
  • Chili and Cornbread Dinner
  • St Patrick’s Day Dinner
  • Pie Dinner on Pi Day
  • Curry Dinner
  • Supper Cooked and Brought to Your Home
  • Creamy Mac & Cheese Delivered 
  • Homemade Soup To Your Taste

Parties & Gatherings

  • Bonfire Gathering
  • Cookie Decorating Party
  • D & D Night
  • Scrabble Evening
  • Bowling Party
  • Euchre Party
  • Movie & Popcorn Night
  • Books & Beer Outing
  • Post Holiday Wine & Dessert Party
  • Mending Party

Events & Experiences

  • Spring Wildflower and Edible Plants Walk
  • Women & Girls Paddling & Camping Trip
  • Overnight Stay in a Nearby Wilderness Cabin
  • Long Weekend in a North Woods Cabin
  • Borrow a Camper
  • Borrow 2 Kayaks
  • Borrow a Sailboat
  • Dig your own perennials
  • Motorcycle ride

Services and Lessons

  • Childcare
  • Tarot Readings
  • Furnace Tune-up
  • Geneaology
  • Personal Prayer
  • Personal Poem or Sonnet
  • Musical production
  • Dog Sitting
  • Cat Sitting
  • Zentangle Art Lesson
  • Pickleball Lessons
  • Tennis tips
  • Rent an organic garden plot
  • Choir will sing two songs of your choice
  • Worship Service on a topic of your choice
  • Simple Alterations

Food & Drink

  • Dessert Auction – win and share at the event or take home
  • Specialty Breads, German Stollen
  • Grass Fed Ground Beef
  • Potato Sampler
  • Homemade Ginger Beer
  • Homemade Chutneys
  • Homemade Salsa
  • Homemade Pie
  • Holiday Treats Basket
  • Homemade Honey liqueur, Kahlua, or Irish liqueur

Valuable Treasures

  • Art and Decorations – wall art, vases, photo cards etc
  • Toys for Kids and Adults
  • Kitchen Items – Pans, small appliances, dishwater
  • Household Items 
  • Sports Equipment – bikes, kayaks etc
  • Tools
  • Sewing / Craft Tools & Materials
  • Plants
  • Electronics – audio, video, computer…
  • Art/Specialty Books
  • Specialty Clothing
  • Musical Instruments- guitars, drums…
  • Furniture – Tables, rocking chairs, TV stands
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • CD’s
  • Sporting Event Tickets (UW B-ball etc)
  • Gift certificates for local businesses


Check out items, services, and events from previous years (2021 and 2018) to get ideas and see what the auction software looks like.