Each month we focus on a different aspect of our faith and of our shared human experience. Here are some of the topics we’ve explored in the past.

  • Compassion June 2020 - 1 service

    What does it mean to be a people of compassion?
    What act of compassion have you received or witnessed recently?

  • Thresholds May 2020 - 4 services

    The path of making visible and calling forth the gifts that get us through
    Where do I find the courage to step into the new?

  • Liberation April 2020 - 3 services

    The path of saving yourself by giving yourself away.
    How do I escape my ego and small self?

  • Wisdom March 2020 - 2 services

    The path of untangling yourself from what you’ve been taught
    Is this all there is?

  • Resilience February 2020 - 4 services

    The path of trusting in a Love that will not let you go.
    Do I have to make it through on my own? Is it all up to me?

  • Integrity January 2020 - 4 services

    The path of tending to the wisdom and wholeness within
    What is my path?

  • Awe December 2019 - 5 services

    The path of traveling through the world with amazement
    What is sacred?

  • Attention November 2019 - 4 services

    The path of turning our attention to what matters most
    What is my life trying to say to me?

  • Belonging October 2019 - 4 services

    The path of belonging to something larger than ourselves.
    Does who I am end at the barrier of my skin?

  • Expectation September 2019 - 5 services

    The path of hopeful expectation.
    In what do I trust?

  • Beauty June 2019 - 5 services

    The practice of savoring life’s gifts
    What beautiful thing do you carry in your heart?