James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Congregation Strategic Plan for Operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic Revised August 2021

Situational Criteria

If any one or more actual, existing conditions are of greater severity than even one of the criteria conditions listed below, the guidelines of the next higher level are to be implemented.

Operations will shift to this level only after the congregation has operated at the next higher level, and the situational criteria for this level have been in effect, for two consecutive weeks.

COVID Act Now Metrics for Dane County are at the following levels:

  • Daily new cases per 100K “Under 1/on track for containment” (green)
  • Infection rate “Under 0.9/COVID decreasing” (green)
  • The vaccine is widely available (free to all, at multiple accessible locations in Dane County) for all people over the age of 2 years

And state, county, and/or city authorities have allowed all in-person activities to resume with no restrictions.

Building Accessibility and Use

  • Building use returns to pre-COVID conditions.
  • Hand sanitizer is placed in appropriate locations throughout the building.

Congregational Life – Worship and Program

  • Sunday services are conducted in the sanctuary and attended with no restrictions, and are streamed for those not able to gather physically.
  • Choir and congregational singing resume in full.
  • Religious Education for children and youth resumes, with online accessibility options for those not able to gather physically.
  • Coffee hour resumes with no restrictions, including the sharing of food and beverages.
  • All group gatherings, including rentals, return to pre-COVID conditions; JRUUC gatherings and meetings include an online accessibility option for those not able to gather physically. Onlineoptions might include separate virtual gatherings for people not able to attend in-persongatherings, a set time to “stream in” people who’d like to greet people attending an in-personevent, a Zoom option for meetings, or any other creative option that works toward wider inclusion.

Staff Practices

All staff work in their offices, but may choose to work from home as convenient.

Staff meetings will normally take place in the building, with an online accessibility option for those not able to gather physically.

Outdoor Gatherings

Outdoor gatherings are planned and attended with no restrictions.