Welcome! Working for justice is one of the ways we put love in action at James Reeb, individually and collectively. We strive to create welcoming opportunities to take action, in a way that strengthens our bonds of community and fortifies our faith. Our main areas of commitment, called “Justice Action Ministries” or “JAMs,” are currently racial justice, immigrant and refugee rights, and ending mass incarceration. Click the links below to learn more.

Justice Action Ministries (JAMs)

We work together to educate ourselves and identify and support change in the world.

  • Racial Justice – educate, affiliate & donate for individual, collective, and systemic change
  • MOSES / Criminal Justice Reform – a non-partisan interfaith effort that works to promote social justice with a focus on ending mass incarceration. 
  • Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Service Ministries

We also participate in community efforts to make change on a short-term basis or with seasonal projects:

Read more here about past Service Ministries

Justice Coordinating Team

Rhonda Brodbeck, Kelly Kearns, and Eva Wingren work with Rev. Karen to communicate about and support the ongoing work of the JAMs and Service Ministries. The team meets monthly and welcomes new participants. Sign up to our Google Group to receive an agenda and zoom link. Click to contact the Justice Coordinating Team.

See our Justice and Community Update page for current events, news, and actions

See our 11/12/23 Service page to hear more about how our justice work at Reeb is organized.