Family Offerings & Religious Education Regular Schedule

Please check the latest newsletter to verify: 

  • First Sundays: Multigenerational worship followed by RE classes for everyone
  • Second Sundays: Multigenerational worship followed by high school youth group at JRUUC
  • Third Sundays: RE classes for children (PK-5) during the service, and a community meal after
  • Fourth Sundays: Multigenerational worship followed by high school youth group at FUS
  • Fifth Sundays: Multigenerational fair with activities throughout the building

Volunteers Needed: Genevieve is looking to form an RE team to better serve the needs of children and families at Reeb. If you are someone who is interested in teaching, providing nursery care, or just have an interest in planning for RE please see Genevieve after the service or email her at

Community Meal: We are always looking for volunteers to help cook for our community meals! Vegan, vegetarian, Gluten/Dairy Free items are always appreciated! Please contact Genevieve at to sign up with a dish! Your support is what helps us be able to continue this important community building and fellowship. Thank you!

Religious Exploration Series for Adults with Rev. Bowie Kling-Garcia
Reparations and Land Acknowledgements
Next session is Sunday, March 3, 2024

The next religious exploration offering for adults will be a continuation of the congregational conversation started in the Dec. 3 workshop on reparations and land acknowledgements.  This session will be held after the service on Sunday, March 3rd, and Rev. Bowie will facilitate.  This is part of a series of conversations in which we reflect on the spiritual grounding for reparations and consider concrete actions we might take as a congregation.  You can click on these links to find notes from past sessions and the slide show we’re using for the conversations.

Please come whether or not you’ve participated in earlier conversations.

In April, we will be holding a Sharing Circle to remember Brian Gehring on the April 7th instead of adult RE. (click for more)

More about Religious Education for Children and Youth