Whereas over-incarceration is a serious problem in the United States and the state of Wisconsin in particular;

Whereas Wisconsin’s rate of incarceration is more than two times Minnesota’s rate, although the two states have very similar demographics and crime rates;

Whereas over-incarceration has a disparate impact on people of color (more than 50% of Wisconsin prison inmates are African-American although only 6% of Wisconsin’s citizens are African American),

Whereas our congregation is named after a person who put his life on the line in the African American Civil Rights Movement;

Whereas there are effective alternatives to incarceration of non-violent offenders;

Whereas our principles include the inherent worth and dignity of every person; as well as justice, equity, and compassion in human relations;

Whereas our Congregational mission includes encouraging social action in the name of liberty and justice;

Therefore be it resolved that the James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Madison Wisconsin stands in support of the 11X15 Campaign for Safer Healthier Communities which is a project of WISDOM, a statewide, interfaith social justice organization.

Therefore be it also resolved that support can include financial gifts, use of building space, public support by our minister and use of our name in the media, and participation of our members in calls to action as part of the broader mission of the Standing on the Side of Love Campaign of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Adopted on May 20, 2012