“We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home” 10/5/2022

Special Music This Week:
“We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home”(quote of Ram Dass) adapted by Kate Munger

Shared Songs This Sunday:

“Sing Your Spirit Home”
“Building Up a New World” 

Sacred Breath Choir – 7pm Thursdays

Regular weekly Sacred Breath Choir rehearsals are on Thursday evenings unless otherwise announced in the newsletter.  We will begin warm-ups at 7pm.  At 7:15, the doors to the church will be locked for safety. 

Sacred Breath Choir 2022
Sacred Breath Choir 2022

We request that you have been vaccinated and are willing to adhere to wearing a mask for choir rehearsal.

Please RSVP me, Heather Yonker at music@jruuc.org if you are new to coming.

I will continue to provide a virtual option, but I ask that you please RSVP me to inform me that you will be coming online that week. When I receive your RSVP for virtual, I will send you the link.

If persons that RSVP to attend online, do not tune in by 7:15 pm, I will close the session and focus in person.

During Sacred Breath gatherings we balance our activities with greetings, covenant, and deep breathing. We do vocal warm-ups, prepare, and listen.  We investigate hymns and sometimes their contextual history, the music itself, and/or the lyrics, as well as special music related to our monthly themes. The choir provides music ministry to the congregation, to welcome and uplift, to nurture and inspire, to sooth and to rejoice.  We will typically sing live at service at least twice per month.  This is an open circle and we would love for you to join us. There are many options for levels or types of participation.  Instrumentalist?  Accompanist?  Occasional soloist or special music offering?

Contact me for more information:  Heather Yonker, Music Director music@jruuc.org.

I hope you know that at any time, if you have strong responses to the music selections at JRUUC I encourage you to contact me to share and discuss music@jruuc.org.

 Courage my friends!, Heather Yonker, Director of Music, JRUUC 

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