MOSESMadison Organizing in Strength, Equity & Solidarity

JRUUC is a founding member of MOSES, which is an interfaith organization whose mission is to build collective power to dismantle the systems of mass incarceration and mass supervision and to eradicate the racial disparities in our community that contribute to them.

MOSES is a member of WISDOM, which is a statewide network of 12 mainly faith-based organizations that are committed to bringing diverse communities together to work for racial and economic justice.

Participation Opportunities with MOSES, WISDOM, and
the JRUUC MOSES Justice Action Ministry

Learn about the issues, build relationships, and take action to support the missions of MOSES and WISDOM by doing any or all of the following:

  • Attending MOSES monthly meetings for the latest news, presentations on topics of interest, and social time with other MOSES members.  Meetings are the second Sunday of each month, 2:30-4:30pm, in person at rotating member congregations or by Zoom.  Arrive early for social time from 2:00 to 2:30pm. See the calendar for the location or Zoom link.  
  • Getting involved with MOSES and WISDOM task forces, focus groups, and teams.  This is where the real work happens, but feel free to attend meetings to listen and learn while you figure out the best fit for you.  Click here for information on the priorities and activities of the various groups.  Most meetings are on Zoom.  See the calendar for the meeting schedules and contact people.  
  • Attending the JRUUC service on 3/10/2024 when the MOSES organizer James Morgan will be speaking.
  • Signing up for the MOSES mailing list to receive the monthly newsletter, monthly meeting agenda and minutes, and notifications that urgent action is needed. Sign up at a monthly meeting or by contacting
  • Attending the MOSES Celebration Gala and Fundraiser, which is usually in November or December at the Goodman Center.
  • Participating in the WISDOM Madison Action Day, usually held in April in odd-numbered years. Hundreds from around the state gather in a building near the Capitol to hear from faith leaders, members of WISDOM affiliates, and people impacted by the justice issues we work on. Then we walk together to the state Capitol for a rally on the steps and visits with state legislators to discuss our priorities.
  • Donating to MOSES or WISDOM.

The contacts for the JRUUC MOSES Justice Action Ministry are Mary Anglim, Joan Kemble, and Elaine Pridgen. Email us at

Background Information

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What to know about parole, truth in sentencing and when people can get out of prison in Wisconsin (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/21/2022)

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Wisconsin-specific Revoked 

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Department of Corrections data dashboards

What’s next for Dane County Jail after lone bid came in well over budget?  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/16/2023)

City of Madison Community Alternative Response Emergency Services

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