Topic: Awakening

Awakening to Ourselves

Congregation members Janet Rex, Rand Hill, Virginia Scholtz, Deb Myrbo and Susan Podebradsky will show us how poetry and other arts help them awaken to themselves and to the wider world. When we come to know ourselves more clearly and share our truth with others … read more.

Rising Green

Today is Easter for our Christian siblings, when they celebrate the rising of Jesus from the tomb he had been laid after being crucified.  And it is the Sunday before Earth Day, the day we focus on greening our future.  This morning, we’ll explore the … read more.

Awakening to Injustice

What does it mean to be “woke”?  How does one get woke, and stay woke?  And what does that have to do with spirituality or religion.  This morning, we’ll hear from some activists, and explore these and other questions for ourselves.

This is YOUTH SUNDAY!  Rev. … read more.