Speaker: Rev. Karen Armina

Waiting on a Mystery

For Christians, this is the first Sunday of Advent, the season of waiting and preparation for the birth of their Savior.  It is a time of deep hope, and it begins with the story/mystery of a woman being told by an angel that she would … read more.

Gratitude, Generosity…and Unlearning Colonization

Thanksgiving weekend is complicated.  This morning, we’ll explore how we might acknowledge the mourning of our indigenous siblings and challenge the myths that have been created and perpetuated by the colonizers of this land, while still practicing the generosity that’s come to be associated with … read more.

Longing to Give

Our theme for November is “the gift of generosity,” which implies that generosity isn’t just about giving but also about what we receive when we engage in giving.  This morning, we’ll explore the transformative nature of generosity and the human desire to give.

Our Sacred Breath … read more.

Roots and Wings

We are both descendants and ancestors, and our lives are the point of connection between the stories of our heritage and what the next generations will carry forward.  This morning, we’ll explore what we keep and what we pass on. Photo of Oak Alley Plantation … read more.


Let’s celebrate our congregation and the beautiful life-affirming faith tradition we’re part of!  There will be lots of singing, sharing of stories, and opportunities to get engaged with our mission and work. We will also have live music from our folk music group today.

The Share … read more.

There Is No Them

There are points along the trajectory of being welcoming that we’ve come to understand, like tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion- and “radical welcome” is a phrase that’s surfaced to describe a point beyond inclusion.  This morning, we’ll explore what radical welcome might mean.

The Share the Plate … read more.