Speaker: Rev. Karen Armina

Many Ways to Grieve

There is much that is hard in these times- in our own lives and in the spaces between and around us.  Grieving can be vital to moving forward into life after loss or change, and there is much to learn from each other and our … read more.

So Many Paths!

One of the gifts of pluralism is our ability to celebrate and share what we find on our individual journeys.  On Rev. Karen’s first Sunday back after her sabbatical leave, we’ll explore what she, and we, have learned- and celebrate our reunion!

Instead of our … read more.

On Ministry and Mystery

There are mysteries that are simply part of life, ever present as part of the relationships with ourselves and each other as we stay, leave, and return.  This morning, as we prepare for Rev. Karen’s sabbatical time, we’ll explore how we might remain curious in … read more.

Blue Holiday Service

[Special day and time: Wednesday 5:30pm] The winter holidays are usually framed around peace and joy and hope, and if you’re not feeling those themes right now, you’re not alone.  You’re invited to this evening service, where we’ll share and ritualize the losses, fears, regrets, … read more.

Waiting on a Mystery

For Christians, this is the first Sunday of Advent, the season of waiting and preparation for the birth of their Savior.  It is a time of deep hope, and it begins with the story/mystery of a woman being told by an angel that she would … read more.

Gratitude, Generosity…and Unlearning Colonization

Thanksgiving weekend is complicated.  This morning, we’ll explore how we might acknowledge the mourning of our indigenous siblings and challenge the myths that have been created and perpetuated by the colonizers of this land, while still practicing the generosity that’s come to be associated with … read more.