Speaker: Rev. Karen Armina

Beauty Calls Us Together – Flower Communion

This year is the 100th anniversary of the first flower ceremony, as created by Norbert Capek in Prague.  We’ll celebrate with story and music created especially for this occasion, and by co-creating a beautiful bouquet that symbolizes the many blessings of our beloved community.

If you’re … read more.

Be The Change

The world around us is changing all the time, and we often have to change in response.  This morning, we’ll explore what it could be like to make it the other way around- how might we make creative change within and between us, toward making … read more.


Many people believe it’s time to shift our strategies in the face of climate change, from prevention to compassionate, clear-eyed, vibrant, intentional adaptation.  On this Earth Day, we’ll explore some of the lessons in resistance we see in nature, and we’ll ritualize our grief and … read more.

The Paths of Resistance

What do napping, mindfulness, compassion, community-building, and speaking our truths have in common?  This month, as we begin to journey the path of resistance, we’ll explore some of the many forms that path might take.

Share the Plate

The Share-the-Plate recipient for April 2 and 9 … read more.

All Kinds of Vulnerable

This month’s theme is challenging on many levels, because there are many ways we are vulnerable.  For some, it’s about taking the risk to open our hearts to new possibilities; for others, it’s about choosing and enforcing boundaries for safety; for still others, it’s simply … read more.