Speaker: Deb Myrbo


Many people believe it’s time to shift our strategies in the face of climate change, from prevention to compassionate, clear-eyed, vibrant, intentional adaptation.  On this Earth Day, we’ll explore some of the lessons in resistance we see in nature, and we’ll ritualize our grief and … read more.

Loving Me Is Loving You

Kindness and care towards ourselves are aspects of love that often get pushed aside in all the busy-ness of caring for others. This morning, we’ll consider how self-care and self-compassion are foundational in order to extend our love to the world.

Share the Plate

The … read more.

Awakening to Ourselves

Congregation members Janet Rex, Rand Hill, Virginia Scholtz, Deb Myrbo and Susan Podebradsky will show us how poetry and other arts help them awaken to themselves and to the wider world. When we come to know ourselves more clearly and share our truth with others … read more.