We are currently at Level 3.

7/27/21 – From the COVID Task Force: JRUUC is again at Level 3 of our Covid-19 Strategic Plan, due to rapidly rising infections of the Delta variant. The building is closed for general use, but restrooms may be open to support outdoor and other activities. Up to six people may be in the sanctuary to present services.

As community conditions improve, we will be able to move to lower levels of concern, which will allow us to loosen restrictions and return to more of the activities we love to do together. To avoid abnormal fluctuations, we will wait until the metrics have stabilized for two weeks before shifting to a lower level. The JRUUC COVID-19 Task Force will monitor the metrics and share the level of concern each Wednesday in the weekly email and on the JRUUC website.

Covid Act Now Current Data for Dane County

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