MOSES Updates

This acronym has long stood for “Madison Organizing in Strength, Equality and Solidarity”. In the autumn of 2022, the leadership board passed a motion to change the word “Equality” to “Equity”. Racial equity is a core value of WISDOM, of which MOSES is a part. The acronym is now: Madison Organizing in Strength, Equity and Solidarity.

Leadership board meeting notes, January 21, 2023

  • Moses is still looking to hire an organizer. It is a very challenging job, but is also as rewarding job. We will be making the salary more competitive and hope to have someone on board by May of this year.
  • A new RJAC proposal passed. RJAC stands for “Racial Justice for All Children”. The main goal of RJAC is to dismantle the school-to-prison-pipeline.
  • Dyslexia is identified as a major cause of poor academic achievement and correlates to imprisonment rates. Historically, testing for dyslexia has not been offered equitably across income lines. Moses will advocate that evaluation for dyslexia be given to all children entering kindergarten in the Madison schools and to also implement appropriate educational measures beginning with a pilot program in 5 Madison schools. Moses believes this is a winnable issue in Madison. Moses will also advocate that this be addressed at a state-wide scope.

Upcoming MOSES Events:
March 9 – Big Share: March 9
March 11 – Forgiveness Conference with Robert Enright
April 27 – Madison Action Day

Visit the MOSES website here for more information

Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign!

Sign our petition to demand that the State Joint Finance Committee expand Medicaid and keep Wisconsin citizens covered!  WI PPC Healthcare is a Human RIght Petition

Save the Dates:

  • February 9th Virtual Statewide Poor People’s Campaign meeting 7pm
  • March 22nd Day of Action at the Capitol Rotunda

Want to know more, get involved or share your story? All are welcome. Contact Megan Barry

Upcoming Opportunities for Learning and Reflection with the 8th Principle Project Team

Rev. Karen and the 8th Principle Project Team are facilitating a number of activities in the near future to help us learn more and take actions to dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institution.

All the talk of anti-racism and white supremacy is bringing up a lot of feelings in many people. The book group for Me and White Supremacy will provide an opportunity to dig deeper into those feelings and gain insight. The intention of this supportive environment is to provide a safe place to discuss thoughts and feelings of guilt, confusion, and overwhelm and provide a path through to a more productive outlook on being an ally to BIPOC.

Book Discussion: Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad on Zoom

A 4-week series on Sundays at 1:00-3:00 pm, February 12 through March 5

This is a powerful tool of self-reflection and deep sharing – please commit to all four sessions.  Please contact Jeanette Clawson if you’d like to join or have questions.

The book is available at “A Room of One’s Own” at 2717 Atwood Ave. or on the internet.

“This work is not an intellectual exercise or a mental thought experiment. When we talk about racism, we are talking about people’s lives.” — Layla F. Saad

From Jeanette Clawson, 8th Principle Project Team leader: “My first time working through this book I took a deeper look into white saviorism and how it played a role in my choice of choosing to adopt black boys. My introspection and discussions with my sons have improved our relationship as a consequence of joining this book circle. Please join me as I again do the deep work of continuing to uncover the remaining vestiges of white supremacy culture that remain in myself.”

Open Discussion: “Building Our Racial Awareness”

Fourth Sundays of each month at 4:00-6:00 pm, starting on February 26

Participants will be invited to bring news items related to racism in our local community to facilitate conversation and to sharpen our awareness of the inequities surrounding us here at home.

If you have questions or comments on these offerings or the 8th Principle Project, please contact Team members Randy Coloni, Erik Gunn, Eva Wingren, and Jeanette Clawson by using this form. Or talk with us during coffee hour!

We look forward to working with you on this important effort.

In Our Wider Community: Madison Mutial Aid Network News


Madison’s Mutual Aid Network (MAN) and timebanking are about connection and sharing with the people around you. MAN acknowledges that our current political and economic system does a poor job of distributing resources justly, leading to extreme disparities in the wealth and well-being of people in our community. Our Timebanking clearinghouse of “wants and offers” provides a way for everyone to offer skills and resources they choose to share while also enabling them to satisfy a want (need) without having to come up with cash or pay extra (to generate excess profit for someone). It’s a chance to break free of the “$ is king / everyone needs to have their own everything” mentality, allowing folks to be on equal footing and share even if money is short. WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US AT and consider listing some offers and wants.       

“Tough Talks” Discussion Groups

      We are trying out the idea of a virtual discussion group, where folks can share their thoughts and experiences related to life’s challenges while learning techniques of deep listening and connection with people who may be different from you. Talking to one another is a key element of getting along and feeling welcome in our communities; equally important is feeling listened to and understood. We may not agree all the time, but taking the time to hear each other’s views is fundamental to understanding, and may even lead to being able to help each other. Practicing the skills of honest sharing and empathetic listening can help lessen hostility and conflict, and as we learn from each other we may gain new perspectives or understanding of an issue.

     We will be hosting our first “Tough Talks” session on February 21st at 7-8:30PM and we invite all of you to join in a facilitated discussion, with the topic for February being: How do you deal with someone in your neighborhood doing something you don’t like?e.g. dog barking, blowing leaves too early in morning, inappropriate comments. Check your email for zoom link or contact Randi Coloni

      If there is adequate interest, we will then tentatively host these sessions on the 3rd Tuesday each month on topics that matter to our well-being, and which may not be getting talked about much due to fear of disagreement, being judged, or just wanting to avoid confrontation. We invite both your participation and your suggestions of such topics; Our second session would occur on March 21st at 7PM (3rd Tuesday of month), with a possible  topic being: Does your neighborhood have any arrangement for people helping each other out when help is needed? Is there something that can be done to facilitate more connection and mutual support?

     Please email Randy Coloni to indicate your plan to attend, to suggest better times for you (we would like to establish a monthly schedule), and ideas for future topics you would like to discuss. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THESE SESSIONS. 

JRUUC Works for Justice! Sign-up for our Justice email list

Interested in joining the JRUUC justice email group so you receive announcements about meetings and other justice discussions?  Please request to join the Google Group.

If you would like to receive announcements or attend these meetings, please click here to send a request to join the Google Group. You will get the agenda and Zoom link sent to you every month.

The JRUUC Justice Leadership Team meets monthly via zoom on the 3rd or 4th Tuesday at 7pm. Check your weekly newsletter for next month’s exact date. 

Click here to find out about justice work at JRUUC

and how you can get involved.

Click here for What’s Happening in Unitarian Universalism

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  • UU the Vote
  • Side with Love
  • UUA News

Wisconsin UU Social Action Network (WUUSAN) is working to coordinate efforts for social justice throughout the state all year long.

See Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice’s calendar to work with folks outside of our congregation to help make change here and now.

Recent Past Events and News

Sustainable Saturday Night: It’s Time for a New Year’s Revolution!

Saturday, January 28 at 6:00 pm

For almost three years Sustainable Saturdays (the 4th Saturday of the month) have been only held in the virtual format. Join us this month for the return to our “In-person Roots” at JRUUC. Doors will open at 6:00pm and program will start at 6:30 pm. This will NOT be a potluck, though any who wish, are free to bring and/or share snacks and beverages.

Masks may be required at this event, when not presenting, eating, or drinking.

Program: Come learn more about the Wisconsin Tour for Justice and Democracy – An eight-week statewide tour that will cover over 1,000 miles, host eight Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate forums, and help to promote collective liberation and justice for all.

This event will be both an in-person and virtual event. Please RSVP by going here. If you are able to help us host or promote this event or the Tour, please contact Timothy Cordon.

WUUSAN is launching a Book Club beginning January 29th! 

From the Wisconsin UU Social Action Network:

We want to create a Wisconsin-wide virtual book club to discuss water pollution and protection.

The book is To Be a Water Protector: The Rise of the Wiindigoo Slayers, by Winona LaDuke

Please let us know if it would help you, by receiving assistance in getting access to this great book!  We want to support anyone who is interested to join us. 

We will have a launch party on Zoom on January 29th at 4 pm CT with the goal of learning a bit more about one another and talk about the format of this book club!  Sign up here

The Zoom link will be sent the day of the event and same day registration is welcome! 

You can join the book club if you cannot attend the launch Party!  We will begin the discussion after the Launch party, so you also do not need to have begun the book by January 29th. 

Then for the book club discussion, we will discuss the book through guided questions provided by WUUSAN on a private facebook group.  That way, YOU can join the discussion as it fits best in your schedule.  Excited? 

Join the facebook group NOW by clicking here.

Other considerations: 

If you are able to afford to, please purchase this book through a local bookstore, an indigenous-owned bookstore, or a second-hand bookstore.  We understand that this is not an option for many people, so this serves as a gentle reminder to those that are able to.  We’d be happy to offer recommendations and links to above options. [Link to A Room of One’s Own bookstore in Madison – buy online or visit in person]

Another great option would be to buy a copy for your local library or to buy a copy for your congregation or fellowship to share!

Sunday Jan 22nd at 4:00-6:00 pm on Zoom: “Racial Justice at JRUUC- a Facilitated Conversation.”  

We’ll use this tool to help us analyze 9 areas of congregational life at JRUUC.  You’ll need a copy of the tool for the conversation.  Please print it or pick up a copy in the foyer at Reeb. Zoom link Meeting ID: 893 2626 5974 Passcode: 782731

Justified Anger’s “Black History for a New Day” Course Begins February 6 – REGISTRATION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JANUARY 22!

“I thought I understood and had learned about slavery, Jim Crow and segregation, but this course taught me, without any blame or guilt, how much I never knew about the history and lives of Black people around me, and how to get involved in improving the lives of our Black community and families in the Madison area.”

This course will be offered at 7:00-9:00 pm on Monday evenings, February 6 through April 17. Please contact Leila Pine for details, and to participate in a group with other Reeb members. 

Justified Anger’s Black History for a New Day Begins Feb. 6th

“I thought I understood and had learned about slavery, Jim Crow and segregation, but this course taught me, without any blame or guilt, how much I never knew about the history and lives of Black people around me, and how to get involved in improving the lives of our Black community and families in the Madison area.” This course, will be offered from 7-9pm on Monday evenings from Feb. 6-April 17. For details, contact Leila Pine.

Sign-up Deadline is January 15th!

Also, be sure to catch our January 15th service led by recent participants in this class.

MLK Weekend Events with the King Coalition, Saturday, January 14 – Monday, January 16

January 14: MLK College Readiness & Success Summit and “I Have A Dream” Scholarship Ball

January 15: Urban League Outstanding Young Person Awards and MLK Ecumenical Service

The 1/15 Ecumenical Service will be at First Unitarian Society, and Rev. Karen is one of the speakers

January 16: MLK Day Youth Call to Service and 38th Annual MLK Day Observance

The 1/16 MLK Day Observance features Donzaleigh Abernathy, daughter of Rev. Ralph Abernathy and Goddaughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., and includes the traditional freedom songs sing-in led by Tamera Stanley and MLK Community Choir.

See the King Coalition’s website for more information and the full event schedule

14th Longest Night Memorial Service – Dec. 21st

From Just Dane: The Longest Night Homeless Persons Memorial Service is approaching on December 21st, the longest night of the year, to remember our neighbors who have died and were unhoused. We are still collecting names of individuals to recognize, if you have one to submit. This is the 14th year for the local service. We will gather at 3:00 p.m. on the Capitol Square at the intersection of East Main, South Pinckney Street and King Street. We will hold a brief outdoor service and then proceed around the Capitol led by a horse-drawn hearse.

Each year we like to create a memorial book with the names of the individuals remembered at the event and for those who may have passed and been remembered in previous years. If you have someone you would like us to remember during this event; please provide us with a little information about the person, their gifts, interests, qualities you admired, and anything you would like to share by filling out this attached google form:

See article above for ways to contribute warm clothing and supplies for our Madison area neighbors.

Porchlight Holiday Wish List & Just Dane Winter Clothing Drive

For over a decade, JRUUC members supported Porchlight, a non-profit organization that provides services and shelter to Madison’s homeless population, by preparing a monthly meal. COVID changed things and churches could no longer provide safe shelter or meals. But we can still help!

Let’s fill a laundry basket or two with much needed items on the Porchlight Holiday Wish List. These are items you regularly shop for: cleaning supplies, household supplies, and typical hygiene items. Pick up a list from the foyer (or check the list here online) and add something to your shopping list.

And if you’re looking for gifts to give, check out PorchlightProducts at .

Please drop off at James Reeb by December 18th

Cleaning supplies
 All-purpose cleaner & disinfectant wipes
 Floor cleaner (ex: Pine-sol)
 Bleach
 Dish soap (for individuals)
 Laundry soap (pods or powder)
 Brooms & dust pans
 Mops, buckets, Swiffers

Household Supplies
 Bowls and cups (microwave safe)
 Pots & pans
 Silverware
 Paper towels and toilet paper
 13-gal garbage bags
 Laundry basket

Shelter Supplies- all travel size!
 Toothbrushes & toothpaste
 Shampoo, conditioner, 2-in-1

In addition, we will be helping Just Dane to collect warm hats, gloves, socks and long underwear for adults and children. These will be taken to the Just Dane office in time for the annual Longest Night Homeless Persons Memorial Service on Dec. 21.

Warm Clothing Needed for Adults and Children – Drop off at Reeb by Dec. 18th.
 Hats
 Gloves
 Socks
 Long Underwear

Click here for a .pdf of the Porchlight & Just Dane wish lists

Occupy Madison Village Holiday Sale:

December 3 & 4, 10:00 am – 2:00 p.m.

Our neighbors down the street (304 N. Third St.) are providing an opportunity to shop locally for handcrafted gifts created by OM residents and volunteers, along with refreshments and tours of their tiny homes. Be part of a homegrown solution to homelessness by shopping the Holiday Sale. For more information or to learn about volunteer opportunities, contact OM Village, or see your weekly email for contact information.

In Our Community…More Beautiful Music

Perfect Harmony Chorus presents “Shining in Silver” 25th Anniversary Concert

Two performances: Friday December 2, 7:30pm and Sunday December 4, 3:00pm

Christ Presbyterian Church, 944 E. Gorham St., Madison, WI

Celebrate 25 years of Perfect Harmony Chorus as we continue to “sing to make a better world.”  Our silver anniversary concert includes PHC Artistic Directors and Pianists emeritus, alumni singers, and features our sibling chorus, Our Voice Milwaukee.  “Shining in Silver” takes us on a musical journey to the past as we look forward to our future! 

General Admission Tickets: $30, only available pre-sale online at

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2022

11/9/22 – This interfaith event will be held at Temple Beth El (2702 Arbor Dr) on Sunday, November 20, starting with a tabling hour at 6:00 pm and a vigil and service at 7:00-8:00 pm.  The Outreach Committee for this annual event invites you to be a partner and sponsor with us as we gather together across traditions in solidarity with our trans siblings who were before us and are with us now.  Please contact Rev. Karen if you’re interested in having JRUUC table at the event, or co-sponsor it.

Tabling: If your organization would be interested in tabling, we are asking folks for a suggested $50 donation that will help Temple Beth El cover security, printing, and A/V costs for the evening. If your organization cannot cover the $50 donation, please don’t worry about it, but if you are able to contribute more to help others, please do. We are grateful either way for your presence and are happy to work with you regardless of financial factors!

Co-Sponsor: If you would like to support this service as a co-sponsor and community partner, we are requesting a $50 donation or more as you are able to help Temple Beth El cover security, printing, and A/V costs for the evening. Your organization would be listed as a co-sponsor online and on the bulletin. However, please do not let funding impact your decision, as it is most important that those who encounter our service on the 20th know local congregations and resources that are welcoming and, in many cases, life-saving for our LGBTQ+ siblings who may be searching for a safe spiritual home. We hope to have your support in any way, whether it be presence, financial support, or sharing your resources with the community.

To make a donation, you can go to Scroll down to where it asks you to make a comment, and leave a note saying – TDOR co-sponsorship.

UU the Vote Our 5th Principle in Action

There are new actions you can take every week! – Click here! – Georgia is still open…and the work for self-determination and democracy goes on all year long. Climate justice, reproductive rights, honoring treaties, resisting racism and other oppressions, all involve public policy, which involves voting

Get Out the Vote – UU the Vote Success!

10/24/22 – THANK YOU to the 15+ folks that helped with addressing and sending postcards from UU the VOTE to WI residents!  With your help, we sent out 400 postcards with voting information and positive messages about this very important election!  If you still have lists of addresses, please contact Megan Barry-Luglio for pickup or questions.