We are a congregation whose very name reflects a commitment to racial justice. James Reeb died fighting for equality, and in May of 2023 each of us in JRUUC made explicit our intention to continue this work, voting to adopt the 8th Principle. This calls upon us to “work to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”

The Racial Justice Action Ministry (R-JAM) exists to help all Reebers to do this work. Nehemiah, a Black-led community development and anti-racism organization here in Madison, has a slogan they use when asked “what can folks do to combat racism”. Educate, affiliate, and donate. 

This webpage is where you will find specific actions such as book clubs, study groups, film viewings and service activities meant to facilitate our education, affiliation, and donation. R-JAM will endeavor to maintain this website and keep it updated with continually evolving resources and volunteer opportunities. 

Activities and Events Calendar

 Below are ways in which you can engage in doing this work:

January – Reeb Reads

A churchwide read will begin, discussing “On Repentance and Repair: Making Amends” by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg begins in January. Watch your newsletter for details. Contact Deb Myrbo or Virginia Harrison for more information or click here.

January – White Anti-Racist Spirituality class from SURJ

Tuesdays @ 5pm or Thursdays @ 8pm (Starts January 2nd) – SURJ (Standing Up for Racial Justice) is offering a free “White Anti-Racist Spirituality” zoom class. They state: “Start your new year off with a month of inspiration and grounding, by exploring powerful examples of White anti-racist spirituality in U.S. history”.  R-JAM member Randy Coloni is the contact for this and will be attending and eager to discuss & share the experience with you. To register please use this link

Articles about Black History for a New Day Class

There are several excellent articles in the Cap Times of 12/06/2023 that explore the impact of Nehemiah’s BLACK HISTORY FOR A NEW DAY (BHFND) class from several perspectives, and may give you some insight into whether you would like to take the class. Randy Coloni from R-JAM will be available for questions or discussion. The articles can be found here and here.  (Also see Feb 4th below)

Have You Taken the Black History for a New Day Class?

The Racial Justice Action Ministry R-JAM would like to correct/update our list of everyone at Reeb who has taken Nehemiah’s “Black History for a New Day Class” at any point. We want our list to be accurate and complete, and we invite all alumni who wish to share with others the impact the course has had on you. Such sharing will occur on January 21st after service at a community lunch as we encourage other Reebers to consider taking the class. In addition, we hope to host a future gathering of alumni to facilitate connection and explore further possible group actions towards anti-racism.   If you have taken the class, please email rjam@jruuc.org to let Randy know ASAP.   Thanks.

Jan. 21 11:30 – Learn About the “Black History For a New Day” Class From Reeb Alums

R-JAM (Randy C is contact) invites you to consider taking Nehemiah’s acclaimed BLACK HISTORY FOR A NEW DAY class 2/26 – 5/6. To help you learn more and decide, Reeb alumni from the class will share their experiences in the class during the Reeb Community lunch on January 21st after service.

R-JAM members will join with several alumni of past BHFND classes to share its impact on our lives and how we have been changed. Information about the class and assistance with registering will be available. (Also below)

Feb. 9 – Registration Deadline for BHFND Class

Deadline for registering for Nehemiah / Justified Anger “BLACK HISTORY FOR A NEW DAY” class. Here is the link for more information or to sign up. Registration deadline is 2/9, class runs Feb 26-May 6. 

Land Acknowledgment Followup Workshops – Coming Soon

Land acknowledgement follow up workshop after service – watch your newsletter and this space fore more details.

See also JRUUC’s Justice and Community Update, the weekly newsletter, or the Congregation Activities Calendar.

Who We Are and How to Contact Us

The R-JAM is currently facilitated by Jeanette Clawson, Randy Coloni Ron Malzer. and Mary Wichita. Our goal is to learn & grow as anti-racists and to assist all Reebers in this journey; we welcome members to join us in this work. If you have suggestions or would like to discuss anti-racism issues, we welcome your input. Just email: rjam@jruuc.org

Keep Exploring, Learning, and Connecting