Welcome new Caring Tree Co-Coordinator Heike Saynisch!

We are happy to inform you that we have found a new Caring Tree Co-Coordinator. Heike Saynisch will join Jeanette Clawson on this team. Thank you to those who have provided assistance in the interim, especially Marla McFadden and Randy Coloni. We look forward to supporting our beloved community together and invite you to join us in whatever capacity you are able.

10/26/22 – Card Writing Team & Introductions

Hello fellow Reebers, I’m Jeanette Clawson. Karol Niemann and I are your new Caring Tree co-coordinators.  We are getting settled into the job and have submitted our charge to the Board for review.  We will be having opportunities for you to sign up for some of the different teams after services either in person or on zoom.  After the isolation of Covid we all will benefit if we can reach out to each other to request and/or offer help.

This month I would like to tell you about our card writing team.  When information comes to us from calls, emails, sharing joys and sorrows or direct communication we want to demonstrate our connection with you by having a team member send a card of care, celebration, or condolence.  We will provide the stamps and return address labels as well as cards (or you can use your own) to team members who will send them out to friends and members of our beloved community as appropriate. 

If you are interested in joining this team we will have opportunities for you to sign up after services both in person and on zoom.  Or you can contact Jeanette Clawson and Karol Neimann through the contact form on the JRUUC website.