Reeb and COVID-19

We are currently at Level 2 of our COVID-19 Strategic Plan. All activities are online or outdoors but progressing to some in-person activities with options for virtual participation.

Complete COVID-19 Strategic Plan (4/21/2021 version)

Covid Act Now – data for Dane County

Online Sunday Service Link (live at 9:30 on Sunday)

June 9, 2021 Update – Wasn’t it wonderful seeing Flower Communion in the sanctuary Sunday? JRUUC is now at Level 2 (link includes pending revisions) of our Covid-19 Strategic Plan (link to version adopted in April). What has changed? Outdoors, up to 25 people may gather and up to 10 may sing together before breaking into smaller groups; see Level 2 guidelines for specifics. Indoors, the Worship Team, Building Stewardship Committee, and others are hard at work getting our space and systems ready for small gatherings in the sanctuary (capacity 18 people), multipurpose room (capacity 7), or front classroom (capacity 2). Stay tuned!

A Note from Rev. Karen about Worship at Level 2 of Our Strategic Plan

We’re in Level 2, which means that there can be worship participants in the sanctuary when the service is streamed from there!  It will take a few weeks for the Worship Team to get fully comfortable with the processes we’re creating to stream well, and for the building to be ready to have people in it.  I hope to be ready to invite people to start witnessing services later this month, and would like to prioritize the people who have been underserved during our time of virtual operations for that.  If that’s you, please let me know!

I mentioned last week that the Worship Team is looking for folx to run the camera and sound on the Sundays we lead worship from the sanctuary.  These jobs are way easier than they sound, and we’ll train you until you’re comfortable with them.  Please let Rachel Avery know if you’re interested!

April 21, 2021 letter from our COVID-19 Task Force about our strategic plan:

Dear members of our beloved community,

The development of this plan has been a community process with everyone invited to weigh in, and we’re grateful for your feedback, questions, and concerns. At the end of this document are answers to what we anticipate will be a few frequently asked questions.

In developing this plan, we have considered not only the science but also our JRUUC principles of inclusivity and accessibility and our abiding concern for the most vulnerable, both inside and outside our congregation. You will note that our criteria for reopening are more stringent than many of the schools, businesses, and houses of worship around us. This aligns with guidance from the UUA, which advises that a normally-operating congregation presents too many opportunities to spread a highly contagious respiratory virus like COVID-19. While the vaccination news is very encouraging, the pandemic is not yet behind us.

Our cautious approach in no way lessens our eagerness to return to in-person gatherings. We know that while there are risks and challenges in gathering together physically, there also are risks and challenges in prolonged solitude. We share your desire to again connect in a deep way, something that for many of us happens best through face-to-face interaction. This document addresses both indoor and outdoor gatherings, by incorporating the previously approved guidelines for outdoor gatherings. Please know that we are confident there will be many opportunities to come together safely outdoors as a beloved community, as small groups and eventually larger groups, in the warmer months. We anticipate these occasions with joy and excitement.

Because we cannot predict what course this pandemic will take, this plan is divided into “Levels of Concern” as opposed to phases. Each level is determined by criteria based upon the prevalence and direction of increase or decrease of the spread of the disease, as reported via the COVID Act Now Metrics for Dane County (see here for explanations of the metrics used). Within each level of concern, the guidelines identify acceptable degrees of physical gathering, alternative means of carrying through with our JRUUC mission, and required precautions to limit spread of the virus applied to several aspects of our congregational life.

Each level of concern is based on conditions in the community, such as the daily average of new COVID-19 cases and access to vaccines. When this plan was released in late April, we were at Level 4, the most restrictive. As community conditions improve, we will be able to move to lower levels of concern, which will allow us to loosen restrictions and return to more of the activities we love to do together. To avoid abnormal fluctuations, we will wait until the metrics have stabilized for two weeks before shifting to a lower level. The JRUUC COVID-19 Task Force will monitor the metrics and share the level of concern each Wednesday in the weekly email and on the JRUUC website.