Reeb and COVID-19

6/30/23 – Click for Big Changes to COVID Guidelines!

Here are the highlights – Starting today, June 30:

  1. Worship continues to be multiplatform, and organizers of other activities are encouraged to provide opportunities for virtual participation
  2. Masking is encouraged and supported for all (including singers), but not required, and masks are available at the door
  3. There is a space in the building dedicated for people who choose to socialize where all people are wearing masks
  4. We continue to practice covenantal consent, and stickers should be worn on Sunday mornings
  5. There are no room capacity limits
  6. There is no pre-registration or signing in, and any reported Covid cases are shared in the weekly enews
  7. Vaccinations are not required, but we continue to encourage vaccination
  8. HVAC fans are turned to “on” for the duration of all events (CDC strongly recommends)

6/30/23 – Click for the complete email from the COVID Task Force

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