Reeb and COVID-19

April 2024 – At JRUUC we continue to be mindful of the health, social, and spiritual needs of our community and intend to make our services and other gatherings as available to all as possible.

  • Zoom Streaming Option – Our services and many events are streamed live for those who want to participate from home.
  • Masks – Feel free to wear a mask while visiting our building. We have masks available if you need them.
  • Air Filtration – We keep our fans and air filtration on while our building is occupied.
  • Personal Space – We encourage the use of colored stickers to indicate your comfort level with being approached by others during gatherings in our building (covenantal consent). More information is available at our greeter table.
  • Not Feeling Well? – We ask that anyone who does not feel well or has been recently exposed to someone who is ill stay home and participate via zoom. If you have attended an event and later found out that you were ill, please let the event organizer know so we can inform other attendees.
  • Caring TreePlease reach out to us if you are ill and in need of care from our community.

Click for the last email from the COVID Task Force (6/30/23)