Board Listening Session – March 10

The Board will hold our quarterly congregational listening session on Sunday, March 10, after coffee hour (11:30-12:15.) Zoom participation is also available by staying on the service Zoom link.

To focus our discussion, we will ask for your input on the following questions. We will plan to spend about 15 minutes on each.

  1. How has the congregation been doing during Karen’s sabbatical? What do you think is going well during her absence? Are there things that are not going well?
  2. The Board creates a budget proposal every spring for the following fiscal year (July 1-June 30) which the congregation votes on at the May Annual Meeting. We budget based on expected income. Much of that is planning based on current pledges, which tell us how much we expect to take in. How often do you review your pledge amount?  How often or why would you change your pledge amount?
  3. Before the pandemic, we were able to generate a fair amount of income via building rentals. Those have been slow to come back, despite the fact that we have a task force working on contacting our previous renters, and have updated our rental rates and policies. Would you, yourself –or would you recommend to a friend to– rent space at JRUUC?  why/why not? Do you have suggestions for increasing our rental income?

Your Board values your input! We encourage you to give these questions some thought between now and March 10, and attend the listening session. Thank you in advance for your input.

–Your JRUUC Board of Trustees