Israel/Palestine – What’s Next for JRUUC?

April 21 Post Service Discussion

The UUA has called on UU congregations and members nationwide “to think critically about the ways the US is complicit in enabling this (Gazan humanitarian) disaster to continue (Feb.14, 2024).”

To that end, and as a follow up to our Feb. 25 session, we hope you will join members of the Racial Justice Action Ministry to think about ways we can act individually and collectively to answer the UUA call.

For example, shall we propose a congregation vote on a resolution which “calls on the US government to predicate future military aid to Israel on an immediate and total cease fire, the provision of massive emergency humanitarian aid to Gaza and the safe return of all hostages and prisoners.”

Do you like the idea of a resolution, but have suggestions for different wording? Do you think a letter writing campaign would be worthwhile?

This gathering is a chance for your input and to explore other actions we might take.

Join us on April 21 after the service & coffee hour in person (and on zoom if we can find technical assistance). If you can’t make it on the 21 and have thoughts to share, please email us at