Minister’s Musings on Renewal (June)

Musings on Renewal

Dear Ones, 

Do you know the question about the chicken and the egg?  I love that the theme for this month is “the gift of renewal.”  It makes me wonder whether renewal is the gift, or a result of a gift!  Do we simply receive renewal through exposure to things in our lives like nature, each other, memory, music, play, solitude, or silence?  Or do we find ourselves renewed because we’ve accepted the gift of something to which we’re invited?  It may not surprise you to learn that I think it’s both.  I believe we can find renewal by teaching ourselves to notice and appreciate the present moment in our surroundings, our practices, and our relationships- that renewal can be a gift to which we’ve given ourselves access in that way.  I also believe we can receive renewal when we accept an opportunity offered by a new perspective or collaboration, a new or changed relationship, a chance to rest or try something different in our routine, a new way of sharing our talents and gifts.  And I believe that congregational life offers us many opportunities to begin or change practices that can bring that kind of renewal for us.

And so I invite you to explore with me this month:  In what ways have you received the gift of renewal?  In what ways Have you pursued renewal?  In what ways do you need renewal?  In what ways might you offer renewal to others?  I look forward to reflecting on these and other aspects of renewal with you, in worship and in conversation!

In faith and love, Karen

[June 5, 2024]