Minister’s Musings – September 2023

Reaching Out

Dear ones, it is so good to be back among you!  I’ve enjoyed seeing you and talking with you over the past couple of weeks.  And as I settle back into the work I love of being your minister, I want to remind you to reach out to me when you want to connect, and to offer you some guidelines about what when it might be appropriate to do so:

When you don’t know me, but would like to. 

When your child doesn’t know me, but would like to or you would like them to. 

When your family doesn’t know me, but would like to.

When you’re going into the hospital or someone else in the congregation is. 

When someone close to you has died or is critically ill.  

When you have suggestions for a sermon, or about worship in general. 

When you’d just like to visit, or know someone else who’d like to.

When you’d like to share your gifts in our shared ministries of worship, religious education, justice work, or any other aspect of congregational life.

When you are looking for a way to deepen your spiritual life.

When your children have questions of faith and you would like me to visit with them.

When you have religious or spiritual questions.

When you are celebrating one of life’s joys and want to share the good news.

When your child has joys and accomplishments to share with their minister.

When you or someone in your family are feeling sad, or lonely, or lost.

When you have lost your job, found a new job, been promoted or demoted.

When you or a family member is ill.

When you would like to make plans for a memorial service.  When you would like to make plans for your own memorial service.

When you are planning to be married.  When you are challenged by the demands of marriage.  When you are separating or planning to get a divorce.

When you are pregnant and glad you are or wish you weren’t, also if you want to be pregnant but aren’t.

When you would like your child dedicated.

When you feel ready to join the congregation.

When you want to share your experience of or appreciation for our beloved community.  When you have concerns about the church or our faith community.

When you have a good story to share.

When you want a listening ear.

When you want to reach out, please email me at, and we’ll set up a time to talk.  And as always, if something happens to put you into crisis and you want to talk to your minister, call or text me any time.

In faith and love,


[September 2023]