Minister’s Musings – Together & 8th Principle 9/21/22

Your Board of Trustees and I met in retreat this past weekend, to get to know each other and discover how we’ll work together; to talk about our governance structure, leadership during times of change, and dismantling the culture of white supremacy in our congregation; and to start the setting of Board goals for the year.  Y’all have elected a great set of leaders for this year!  I went into the retreat feeling tired and anxious, which I’ve been feeling a lot during these last few years of continuous change and uncertainty.  I left feeling hopeful about what might emerge during this year of rebuilding.  And deeply grateful for this congregation’s practice of shared leadership.

Here’s this week’s question and response.  Remember that you can listen to the questions and responses from the August 28 question box Sunday service here.

What’s the status of the 8th Principle, and at what point will congregations be invited to vote on adopting it?

You can find background on the 8th Principle Project here.

Because our faith tradition operates under congregational polity, individual congregations are responsible for doing their own work and making their own decisions, and UU congregations are in every stage of the work of the 8th Principle you might imagine.  Some have gone through a process of education and have voted to adopt it for themselves, some are in the middle of that process, and some, like us, are just beginning it.  And there are some that aren’t working on it at all.  At the same time, the UUA Board has charged the Article II Study Commission to review 

In faith and love,