Minister’s Musings – “Soul Matters” 11/30/22

I’m thinking about how beautifully the Soul Matters themes are in sync with the cycle of the year; having December be the month we explore “the path of wonder” is brilliant!  Not only are the skies clear enough this time of year to experience some of the wonder of the expanse of stars around us; so many of the winter holy day myths offer a sense of spiritual wonder. 

As someone who lives with depression that intensifies during the shortened days of winter, I’m convinced that it’s no accident that people of faith celebrate miracles as we move into the cold and dreary part of the year.  I appreciate the stories of eight days of flame from one day’s worth of oil, and of an infant savior’s birth before a backdrop of empire.  More than that, I appreciate our human desire and ability to celebrate those miracles even as the world is on fire, whether or not I believe in their historical reality. 

Finding ways to notice and share wonder is just one of the many ways we humans are resilient.  What a wonder we are!

In faith and love,