Visit Our Friends at Prairie UU

Please visit our friends at Prairie UU (2010 Whenona Drive) for a reader’s theater presentation of “Christmas in the Trenches” led by Rev. Ralph Tyksinski. There will be no service at JRUUC on Sunday, December 24th.

On a Christmas Eve of World War I, British and German soldiers lay down their weapons to celebrate the holiday together.  This Reader’s Theater presentation has four British soldiers (performed by Prairie members) reading from letters to their loved ones.  The story is derived from “The Christmas Truce” by Aaron Shepard, and nearly everything described is drawn from first-hand accounts in letters and diaries of the time. 

Children and youth are invited to be join the service until the Time for All Ages, after which they will move to the RE area to make popcorn – to string or just to eat – and explore the Christian Christmas story.

We will meet in person at Prairie’s Meeting House at 2010 Whenona Drive. 

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