Each week this congregation gives half of all offerings collected in our plate to local organizations whose work furthers our mission. Here are some of our prior recipients. All members and friends are invited to nominate an organization that they’re familiar with or inspired by.

  • Share the Plate – 5/28/23 and 6/4/23 –

    The Share the Plate for May 28 and June 4 is One City Schools, a non-profit running public pre-schools and grade schools with a Village model of raising successful children. Its programming is carefully designed to overcome the large and persistent school achievement gap for Black and Brown children in Madison. The way the school and its curriculum is structured, with connection to the community and the families served, offers a model for restructuring public education. It focuses on the needs of black and brown children, and, at the same time, is open to all.

  • Share the Plate – 5/14/23 and 5/21/23 – Moms On a Mission

    Moms On a Mission is a grassroots, community based group of mothers who show up to East High School in Madison every single school  day to help foster the school community our kids deserve. MOMs creates a nonviolent environment by being present , by creating relationships, by de-escalating conflict, and by bringing community volunteers together to make a difference, right away, on the ground. MOMS has quickly and effectively harnessed the collective power of dozens of volunteers to support approximately 500 students on the ground. In addition they are powerful advocates for long-term, positive social change, equity, conflict resolution, and restorative justice practices.

  • Share the Plate – 4/30/23 and 5/7/23 – Black Business Hub

    The Share the Plate for April 30 and May 7 will be the Urban League in support of the Black Business Hub. The Hub is devoted to incubating, accelerating, and networking Black and other BIPOC entrepreneurs. It will be a state of the art building in south Madison led by Black business owners and entrepreneurs. 

  • Share the Plate – 4/16/23 – 4/23/23 – UUSC

    The share the plate for 4/16/2023 and 4/23/2023 is The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC).  The UUSC advances human rights and social justice around the world, partnering with those who confront unjust power structures and mobilizing to challenge oppressive policies. It’s work is grounded in the belief that all people have inherent power and dignity. The UUSC supports self-determination and defends the rights of people displaced due to climate, conflict or economic hardships and responds to humanitarian crises as partners with people whose access to aid is most limited.

  • Share the Plate – 4/2/23 – 4/9/23 – Urban Triage

    The Share-the-Plate recipient for April 2 and 9 is Urban Triage. With the help of member Ed Kuharski, they are transforming the Madison Youth Hostel into the Inspired House, which will provide housing for young adults, especially those with children, who are experiencing homelessness. 

  • Share the Plate – 3/19/23 – 3/26/23 – Centro Hispano

    The Share the Plate for March 19th and 26 is Centro Hispano. Centro Hispano is the leading nonprofit serving Latinx in Dane County WI. Since its beginnings in 1983, Centro Hispano has provided a range of programs  that support Dane County’s Latinx population. Throughout the years, the needs of the Latinx population have changed, and today, our programs focus on youth, families and the community. Centro Hispano now serves over 2,500 families every year through its programs and services. 

  • Share the Plate – 3/5/23 – 3/12/23 – White Helmets

    The Share-the-Plate for March 5 and 12 is the White Helmets, a volunteer humanitarian group in Syria who are working to meet the needs of victims of the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria. While Turkey has received aid from the UN, Syria has not, and the White Helmets stepped into the void to rescue people and to now help them heal and recover. 

  • Share the Plate – 2/19/23-2/26/23 – Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development

    The Share the Plate for Sunday February 19th and Sunday February 26th is Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development. By lifting up Black voices and experiences with a focus on education, restoration, community empowerment and economic development, Nehemiah seeks to interrupt cycles of poverty, racism and discrimination. Programming areas include:  youth empowerment and leadership development, community leadership & capacity building, justified anger, and reentry services.

  • Share the Plate – 2/5/23-2/12/23 – Illustrated Dictionaries

    The Share-the-Plate for Feb. 5 and 12 will go toward purchasing illustrated English dictionaries for each of the 54 public schools in Madison. This fundraiser was organized by JRUUC member Virginia Scholtz, who volunteers at Sherman Middle School with immigrant students who are learning English. Having a dictionary with pictures goes a long way when helping students completely unfamiliar with English. Her goal is to give one reference copy and one lending copy to each school to help these students and their families. 

  • Share the Plate – 1/22-29/23 UUA Disaster Relief Fund

    The Share the Plate recipient for Jan. 22 and 29 will be the UUA Disaster Relief Fund, which provides flexible support for congregations affected by natural disasters. Our Disaster Relief Fund is part of a covenant between the UUA and congregations, between congregations who give generously and those in need, and with our community partners.  Through aiding our congregations, their members and their community partners, we are able to embody our faith and values.  Recently requests have come from California where heavy rains, high winds, and fallen trees caused significant damage to church buildings.

Share the Plate Past Recipients


Moms On a Mission

Black Business Hub


Urban Triage – Inspired House

Centro Hispano

White Helmets

Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership and Development

Illustrated English Dictionaries for Madison Public Schools

UUA Disaster Relief Fund

Neighborhood Food Solutions

Yahara House


Community Action Coalition

Ho-Chunk Housing and Community Development Agency

Goodman Community Center

Movin’ Out

Community Immigration Law Center


Solace Friends, Inc

UW Nurses Union

Literacy Network

League of Women Voters

The River Food Pantry

Women’s Medical Fund


Focused Interruption

Urban Triage

UU Service Committee’s Emergency Fund

The Farley Center

The Catfish River 4H

The Progress Center for Black Women

Social Justice Center

Wisconsin Network for Peach and Justice and Sustainability


Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice

The Center for Black Excellence and Culture

The River Food Pantry


Catalyst for Change

East High Food Pantry

Porchlight Drop-In Shelter

Goodman Center Thanksgiving Baskets


Open Doors for Refugees

Worker Justice Wisconsin

JSS Madison Refugee Resettlement Project

Madison Tenant Power

Freedom Inc Books & Breakfast

Honor the Earth

Madison Adaptive Cycling



Wisconsin Network for Peace Justice & Sustainability

Safe Skies Clean Water


Second Harvest

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services

Women in Focus

Giniw Collective

Tenant Resource Center

Occupy Madison Village

River Food Pantry