I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.

Maya Angelou

At JRUUC, we foster both abundance and ambition. Our sense of abundance tells us that we have enough and we are enough to build and grow a community of love. Our ambition tells us that there is always something more that we can do for each other and for our communities. 

We believe that practicing abundance by giving generously feeds our spirit and liberates our souls. We try to view money as a means of connecting with each other and fulfilling the mission of our community. 

This Contribution Guide is not focused on how much you give, but rather on how you might increase your pledge. We assume that you already give to JRUUC at a level that works for your budget, and we encourage you to increase your contribution annually as our expenses increase. If your household income decreases or you have new major expenses, your contribution might decrease. Likewise, if your income increases, your contribution might increase. 

If you’re wondering how much to give, it may be helpful to know that the average Protestant church member in the US gives approximately 2% of their income to their place of worship(1). At JRUUC, the median pledge is around $80/month – meaning half of our members give more and half give less than that amount. Some people in our congregation give $5-10/month, and some give $400-$500/month, with most falling near the middle. Our 2018-2019 budget planned for $194,000 in expenses, about 80% of which is covered by the generous pledges of approximately 100 individuals and families. 

Your relationship with moneySuggested Increase per month
I/we struggle to pay all of the bills, and money is often a source of stress in my/our life.$1-$5
I’m/we’re hardly ever late on the bills, but it’s hard to save up a lot of money for new things, or to protect against an expensive emergency like a car repair or a broken phone.$5-$10
I’m/we’re able to save some money each month, but I’m/we’re not sure how I/we’ll handle retirement, college education, or other major expenses.$10-$25
I/we don’t worry too much about money, and have a healthy nest-egg to protect against whatever the future may bring.More than $25

(1) Dean R. Hoge, et al.,Money Matters: Personal Giving in American Churches