Weekly News 3/1/23

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This Sunday

“All Kinds of Vulnerable” with Rev. Karen Armina – 10:00 am

Children & Youth – Everyone will be in the sanctuary for a multigenerational service followed by classes during coffee hour for our children and youth. Our children’s class will be in the multipurpose room with Bryan Benwitz.  Our youth will meet with Rev Karen for a check in, and then move to the sanctuary to join the congregational listening session.

11:30 – Board Listening Sessions In person (after service) Questions will include:

  • What helps you feel connected to the congregation?
  • What prevents you from feeling more connected to the congregation?
  • What would inspire you to be more involved in the congregation?

Can’t stay for the listening session? Email board@jruuc.org with your comments.

Our Collective Sharing Project starts today – read about it here

Also This Week

Every Wednesday 6:30-7:00 – Meditation with Friends on Zoom

Virtual Board Listening Session: Wednesday 3/1/23 at 7:30 pm on Zoom

Every Thursday 7:00Sacred Breath Choir

Friday 12-3 Rev. Karen’s Office Hours at Reeb

Tuesday 4-6Rev. Karen’s Office Hours on Zoom

Our March Theme: The Path of Vulnerability

Our March theme invites us to think about vulnerability in many different ways, from how choosing personal vulnerability might be a path toward a more open heart, to how climate change and societal systems make humans and other beings vulnerable.  In this space, you’ll find a new invitation into reflection on our monthly theme every week.

Click here to read Rev. Karen’s musings on this month’s theme.

Check-in question: What has life taught you about leaps of faith and leaping into the unknown?

Before you learn the tender gravity of kindness

you must travel where the Indian in a white poncho

lies dead by the side of the road.

You must see how this could be you…

Naomi Shihab Nye

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