Reeb Rave Pandemic Edition – Show Your Stuff   

Nov. 18th Update: Thanks to all the volunteer help, donors, bidders and performers, Reeb Rave 2020 was a success, and FUN! – lots of folks participated from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The live and recorded entertainment and discussion really made it feel like a house party. Click here or check your weekly email for more details about money raised through the event and how to pay if you haven’t done so already.

If you donated items or won items, you should have received an email with information about how to contact the giver or recipient. Connect and enjoy – either one can reach out and make the exchange happen!

Reeb Rave 2020 will be online with live Zoom socializing and entertainment 6-8pm Nov 14th!

Here are some quick links:

Check back here on the 14th after 5pm for the links, or check this week’s email from Reeb.

And now, the details:

A Separate Zoom Room Just For Kids Will Be Open:

Kids’ Reeb Rave Room with Ellie Dillenburg and Virginia Harrison: Join Reeb youth Ellie for some interactive/theater games and time to just be kids together! (Games are fast-paced and are best suited for grades 3 and up.) Check your weekly email for the link.

Donate Goods & Services Now Until Nov. 12th:

Items and services can be donated to our auction using this donation form. Please consider donating items and services with physical distancing in mind. COVID-safe services can include things like pre-made meals, help with yard work or snow removal, outdoor excursions, pet-sitting etc. Help with delivering items to winning bidders can be provided by volunteer if necessary.  The deadline for donations has been extended to Nov 12th.  

This event has become one of the most important fundraisers for our congregation over the years. We need your generous donations and bidding to make this successful!  

Sign Up to Show Your Stuff:

We need your talent for our live Zoom 6-8pm social time! Sing a song, play some music, do a skit, display a wacky costume, or share something you have learned or have done during the pandemic. You could also show and tell your auction item, or an item or service you won from a previous auction that you especially like.  If you want to share during the Zoom meeting, or have any ideas or suggestions please contact Tom McClintock at   

Register Now to Begin Bidding:

You will need to register in order to bid on items using the Online Registration here. Registration is free but we encourage you to make a cash donation or buy some raffle tickets to help us raise money. You can register a credit card then or before you check out your won items. During the bidding you will receive emails confirming your bid and when you are outbid. You will also see messages while you are in the website. You can use the Show me option at the top of the catalog to see Items that you have Starred, Bid on, Winning, Outbid on etc.   

View The Catalog and Start Bidding:

This year’s auction catalog is now available here: 2020 CatalogBidding opened online on Nov. 8th at 6pm and will close at 8pm on Nov. 14th. 

Take A Chance on A Raffle Ticket:

We have added a 50/50 Raffle! Tickets can be purchased during registration or from the Raffle Tickets tab on the Auction website. Buying raffle tickets raises money for our congregation and gives you the chance of winning 50% of the ticket sale proceeds.  Each ticket you buy online will be represented by a real ticket we will put into a jar. On Nov 14th, around 7:30pm we will randomly draw a winning ticket from the jar. You don’t have to be present in the Auction Zoom Meeting to win.

No Registration Fee But Donations Welcome:

Cash contributions can also be made on the auction website. Please consider this as there are less donations and we don’t have a registration fee this year. (Cash Donations) 

Stay tuned and thank you.   

Tom McClintock – Chair Reeb Rave