John Locke Meets COVID-19

Join us for this service via an on-line Zoom Meeting

A journey back to the roots of our civic values, to summon strength in a time of threat and confusion.  We will look at examples of the current turbulence and then look back at the French Enlightenment generally and John Locke in particular.  Locke’s writings were a major influence on both the emerging Unitarian movement in America and on the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Share the Plate

  • Our share the plate recipient is the Free The 350 Bail Fund. Free The 350 seeks to prioritize bailing out Black people incarcerated in the Dane County jail system, and also seeks to end the unjust and antiquated prison and jail system in general. Getting people out of the jail is especially important now as COVID-19 spreads rapidly in jails and prisons.