This congregation is committed to service to our community, so we give half of all offerings donated at this page to local organizations whose work furthers our mission. 

  • This is a rolling fund for congregations and UU affiliated groups to assist local communities through recovery from natural disasters. The fund is currently at a historic low due to needs brought on by COVID 19. The Fund is part of a covenant between the UUA and between congregations and with our community partners. Through this work, we are able to embody our faith and values. Learn more here

In the spirit of love and for the continuing work of this congregation, please use this form to donate to our community and to JRUUC.

In order to segregate our Plate donations, please do not use this form for your pledge payment. Instead please contribute your pledge with our pledge donation form.

You are encouraged to nominate an organization for future Share-The-Plate consideration. Please read our guidelines for more information and also check our list of past recipients.