Winter Solstice Celebration

Saturday, Dec. 23rd 5pm – Join us for our annual celebration marking the Longest Night and the Return of the Light!  The evening is a deep ritual and celebration of the light that shines within and between us, with reflections, silence, and candlelight, and music featuring Jennifer Hedstrom and the JRUUC Sacred Breath Choir. We’ll also share treats after the service.

Please feel free to wear a mask to the celebration. We will also have masks available at the event.

Click for .pdf of Order of Service with complete list of participants

Winter Solstice Celebration

Based on A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual ©2002 by Julie Forest Middleton and Stasa Morgan-Appel

Introduction Rev. Karen Armina

Casting the Circle

“Winter Song”  by Dirk Campbell

The Darkness

“Solstice Chant” by Anne Bearheart, arr. Julie Middleton

“Winter Solstice Meditation” by Judith Laura, adapted

“Dark of Winter” by Shelley Jackson Denham

“What Is This Night?” by Julie Middleton

“Though My Soul”  Words by Sarah Williams, music by F.J. Hayden

“Creation in the Darkness” by Kristen Harper

“Winter Solstice Round” by Suzanne Sterling

Silent Meditation with Rev. Karen Armina

Bringing the Light

“May I Be Empty” by Batya Levine

Litany:  “The Light Is Reborn” by Liz Benjamin

“Simple Wisdom” by Susan Podebradsky

Sharing the Light

“Our deepest fear…” by Marianne Williamson

“This Little Light of Mine”  trad./arr. By Karen Escovitz (Otter)

“The Servant Candle” adapted from a reading by Judy Bressler

“The Way Is Clear” by Anni Zylstra

“Winter Solstice Meditation” by Judith Laura, adapted

“Let the Spirit Come to You” by Anodea Judith

Passing the Baskets

“Awake the Sacred Fire” by Bernice Martin

Benediction and Opening the Circle

“Blessing for the Longest Night” by Jan Richardson

“Carry It Home” by Betsy Rose, arr Karen Escovitz (Otter)


“When We Are Gone”  by Starhawk and Anne Hill, arr. Julie Middleton

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