Each week this congregation gives half of all offerings collected in our plate to local organizations whose work furthers our mission. Here are some of our prior recipients. All members and friends are invited to nominate an organization that they’re familiar with or inspired by.

  • Share The Plate – 9/20/2020 & 9/27/2020

    Our Share The Plate recipient this week is UU the Vote Campaign. With deadlines and polling locations shifting by the day, alongside massive voter suppression tactics from missing ballots and divestment from the postal service, we need all hands on deck to ensure every eligible voter has what they need to vote safely this November. We know after November 3rd, we’ll need new and strengthened relationships to confront whatever is ahead, together.  UU the Vote is a UUA campaign to support building those relationships and getting out the vote by helping congregations to organize and take action.

    See UU the Vote Campaign for more information.

  • Share The Plate – 9/6/2020 & 9/13/2020

    Our Share The Plate recipient this week is Worker Justice Wisconsin. Your contributions will fund advocacy efforts in Dane County and throughout Wisconsin for low-wage and immigrant workers, as well as our Worker Center, where people come for support when they experience wage theft, discrimination and health & safety issues in the workplace.

    This is especially important during this time of COVID-19, when front-line workers risk their lives daily, many low-wage laborers face the agonizing choice between working in dangerous environments to provide for their families or not working and losing their only source of income, and millions are deprived of work altogether.

    Find out more at https://workerjustice.org/

  • Share the plate – Aug. 23rd and 30th

    Our share-the-plate recipient this week is the Porchlight Men’s Homeless Shelter. Although COVID tests are available for free at several places in Madison, Porchlight has found that they are more likely to get the men using the temporary homeless shelter to get tested if they are given incentives such as small gift cards. Our donations will go to these incentives to help minimize the spread of COVID among the community of unhoused people.

  • August 9th, 16th Share the Plate

    Our Share The Plate recipient is the Justified Anger Coalition. Justified Anger is a coalition of leaders, agencies, and employers within and outside of the Black community  developing and implementing a plan of action to address long-standing and harmful racial disparities in social and economic outcomes in Madison.

  • Share the plate – 7/26, 8/2

    Our recipient this week is Urban Triage. Their mission is to foster, develop, and strengthen Black families’ self-sufficiency, community leadership, advocacy, and family success through psycho-education, community engagement, trauma response, healing, and cultural heritage.

    They have been at the forefront of supporting black families during COVID, and in organizing the Black Lives Matter protests and supporting jail bailouts and other programs.

  • July 12, 19 Share the Plate

    Our share the plate recipient is the Free The 350 Bail Fund. Free The 350 seeks to prioritize bailing out Black people incarcerated in the Dane County jail system, and also seeks to end the unjust and antiquated prison and jail system in general. Getting people out of the jail is especially important now as COVID-19 spreads rapidly in jails and prisons.

  • June 28, July 5 Share the Plate

    This morning, our Share the Plate donations will go to The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, which works to inspire and empower all young people, especially those who need us the most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring adults. Our recipient was chosen after the attack on Madison resident Althea Bernstein. Althea’s mother has turned down financial support and requested that donations to this organization be made in her name instead.

  • June 14, 21 Share the plate

    Our community partner this week is the Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness. This local organization supports women to improve their health and quality of life, and to disrupt the disparities that impact our health outcomes. Their programming and advocacy focuses on health promotion, disease prevention, fitness, financial wellness, sisterhood and community building.

  • Share the Plate – 5/31 & 6/7

    Just before the Safer at Home order in March, our JRUUC Youth Group initiated a food drive for a local food pantry. Because an in-person food drive is no longer possible, the Youth Group requested that the Share the Plate go to Community Action Coalition. CAC provides food, clothing and housing support to low income persons in the area. Food needs are especially high now, so our contributions will help keep food pantries stocked.

  • Share the Plate – May 17th & 24th

    Our recipient this week is Porchlight. Porchlight provides essential services to homeless persons and has been working on proactive measures and crisis response plans for the spread of Covid-19.  Porchlight is also looking for direct donations of food and supplies. If interested in helping out, see https://porchlightinc.org/donate-items/