Topic: Beauty

The practice of savoring life’s gifts
What beautiful thing do you carry in your heart?

The Power of We

General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association, and is made up of five days of worship, learning and UUA business. Rev. Karen is attending GA online this year, and will offer her reflections on this experience.

Falling in Love

Three JRUUC members will share a personal store related to June’s theme of beauty. The service is inspired by poet Mary Oliver’s encouragement to “Love yourself.”

The Beauty of All Ages

What does it mean to be a multi-generational community? With help from JRUUC youth, we’ll explore ideas, stories, and sources of inspiration about shaping worship, religious education and faith formation experiences that include and celebrate all ages and stages.

You Are Beautiful

Each and every one of us – regardless of color, shape, identity – holds beauty. This morning we’ll explore the power of the affirmation of our own beauty.

Beauty Is…

Our annual flower communion is a time to reflect on what we give to and receive from our community. This morning, we’ll remember the context in which Norbert Capek created his flower ceremony and the importance of beauty in dangerous times.