Topic: Courage

The Courage to Connect: Healing Our Ancestral Lines

The Rev. David Pettee was a white man who served as Director of Ministerial Credentialing for the Unitarian Universalist Association, and whose ancestors were northern slaveholders.  Patricia Mann is a descendant of Cuff Simmons, one of the slaves owned by David’s family.  We’ll read their … read more.

Everyday Courage

It’s so easy to see and celebrate the “big” acts of courage.  In addition to the heroic acts that alter history, there are also the daily choices that prevent history from altering us!  Bending the arc of the universe toward justice deserves praise, but so … read more.

Courage: A Catalyst for Change

The courage of asylum seekers to seek refuge in the United States meets the courage of allies to welcome them in our local Madison community.  Speaker Aissa Olivarez has years of experience representing asylum seekers in immigration court, including young children. She will speak to … read more.

From You I Receive…

Last week, we explored the many kinds of courage it takes to simply show up as ourselves.  This morning, we’ll do a deeper dive into the courage needed and the courage shared as we work to build a world where everyone can thrive.  We’ll also … read more.

If I Only Had the Nerve

We’ll be invited to explore “the path of courage” throughout the month of October, and we’ll start off this morning with some exploration of what courage is. What does it mean to have courage? Where do we find it? How do we know we have … read more.